Windows XP Install

Windows XP Install | Hungarian Youtube Show

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In 2009 we had some problems with our computer and decided to educate to make the world a better place with this series. All right, it was meant to be a fun thing rather than educating.

The whole series is in Hungarian so you might have some trouble watching it. The whole series received 98 653 views (that’s lot in Hungary if you ask me).

The first video received a lot of horrible comments such as „you clearly don’t know anything about computers”. Altough we stated that we are enthusiastic amatures that doesn’t usually stop trolls.

Now the second video almost exclusively received nice commends and stories which is rather surprising (to me at least). Later on, a little community gathered around the series and found the videos very helpful.
Personally I am glad there are nice people in Hungary since encouraging each other is a big issue in Hungarian culture.

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