Winnetou Entertainment features 2 youtube channels with one of them over 1,000,000 views but it became only a shadow of itself after the birth of KovacsFILM which was a more serious, more profit oriented concept.

Now-days with the new possibilities of youtube, Winnetou Entertainment comes back in front with its more creative but ultimately less profitable ideas.

If we go back to 2007 when 2 short films were made by a creative group of friends (a Star Wars fan-film and a Prison Break parody) then we witness the birth of an idea of making films for sake of experimenting.

In a perfect world where money grows on trees in our backyard, this would have continued indefinitely. Sadly it’s not the case.

However, experimental projects have always been a big part of this group so as long as there is a little left-over money, a new short film is born.

The future of Winnetou Entertainment is quite bright since youtube made ad-payments available in Hungary (through a youtube partnership program). Therefore it is quite possible that the future of the Chris Kovacs Group lies with the ways and ideas of Winnetou Entertainment.